The death Of a Mad Men

From a marketing agency to business of experience

Media and marketing have been evolving - and so should marketing agencies! Accenture Interactive experts will explain, why a traditional agency model is obsolete. And that marketing nowadays should be about Experience, not campaigns. Since todays successful businesses (Apple, Uber, Airbnb…) are growing and thriving on Experience. This webinar will show you, how Experience can be nurtured in 4 pillars:

  1. Design
  2. Build
  3. Communicate
  4. Run

The webinar will use lots of real-life case studies to demonstrate the Experience approach.

Petr Bucha

Petr, Content & Creativity Lead for the CE region Accenture Interactive, has over 20 years of experience in communications business, serving clients of all segments from automotive across banks, insurance, FMCG, telco up to pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. He worked in a Creative Director´s role in both Czech agencies and international advertising networks. He has been a Creative Director of TBWA ad agency in CZ/SK for 8 years. And spent another 8 years in similar positions at Ogilvy and Mather. With his teams, Petr has won creative awards ranging from the local Nutcracker/ADC Award across the Golden Drum up to Cresta Award or a recognition from the Cannes Lions. He is also a member of the Art Directors Club of Czech Republic.

He has a Journalism and Mass Media degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Charles University Prague.

In his leisure time, he loves to watch soccer, to play soccer, to read about soccer. In fact, he loves reading about many other things too.

What You Need To Know

Accenture presents a series of educational webinars led by professionals from the field of business, marketing, security, technology - Salesforce. Join our 90 minutes long webinars where you will learn new information, acquire new skills and develop yourself. During webinars, you will have a chance to chat with our speakers, so don‘t hesitate to ask questions.

Each webinar starts at 18:00.

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