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How to master the art of gamification

All business areas are trying to make people do something; be it buying a new phone, coming on time to work, learning new skills, helping others. However, these efforts are usually focusing on the wrong areas. And this is where Gamification, i.e. the implementation of game design elements in real-world contexts for non-gaming purposes comes in. Its main aim is to alter human behavior by fostering human motivation and performance in regard to a selected activity through careful balancing of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivations. This webinar will focus on successful examples of gamification as well as practical use cases of how to apply gamification to mundane tasks.

Karel Kotoun

Karel, manager in Financial Services from Accenture Strategy & Consulting, specializes is Digital Sales Channels Optimalisation, Enterprise Architecture, Robo-Advisory and Business Intelligence within the realm of financial services. He has also experience with large Strategy projects in Northern Africa, Asia and Europe spanning insurance and banking companies with a successful track record of delivery. Furthermore, Karel is an avid lecturer and a frequent columnist within Czech financial journals.

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